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What is Believe?  Believe is a way to express my Love for God. I grew up in a Christian home but always was taught what we were not to do and if we did do something that others thought was wrong I felt horrible.  Over time this started to wear on me.  In 2010 my Dad passed away.  At this time we started attending Church with my Mom in support of her and to help her through a difficult time.  However, spiritually it was really affecting me and my faith.  I have always been a believer and still am to this day, however while I was trying to help my Mom, I was quickly dying spiritually.  The Church we were attending was, in my opinion very judgmental and hypocritical.  I was done.  My Daughter was attending a Church she was in love with some of her friends and she kept encouraging us (my wife and I) to attend.  I was reluctant because I wanted to support my Mom, however, I felt if I did not do something I was going to just stop going to Church all together.  The first time we went to Church with my daughter it was different, not at all what we were used to. However, after a few more times, we too fell in love with the Church.  I credit my Daughter with saving my Spiritual life, if it were not for her I am not sure where I would be today in my walk with Christ.  You see it was at this Church that I finally realized that Christ came into this world, to save it, not condemn it. (John 3:17)  It was here that I learned what God is all about.....Love, Mercy and Grace.  You do not have to be perfect for God to love you, he loves you no matter what even in times where we may fall short.  This is why I am making this page, I wanted to illustrate through photography, messages of hope for everyone no matter what season you are going through in life, and try to convey the truth behind God and what his plan is for our lives.

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